Testing Chambers For Washing Machine

Our system is designed to control the characteristics of water supplied to the equipment used to test the washing machines.

Operational logic
In order to ensure normalised conditions over time for the washing machines being tested, the following settings are maintained:

  • water flow rate: 200 l/h;
  • water hardness: 2.5 ± 0.2 mmol/l;
  • programmable water temperature: +15°C ±2°C +20°C ±2°C +60°C ±2°C;
  • water pressure: 240 ±50 kPa.

Water hardness is controlled by using a device that analyses the hardness in a water storage tank. If the water hardness needs to be corrected, the analyser activates a dosing pump to take a chemical solution from a drum and add it to the water in the tank so that the water supplied to the washing machine maintains the preset hardness.

A centrifugal pump transfers the water to a second storage tank that supplies the booster pump, while an inverter maintains constant pressure by varying the frequency according to pressure.

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