Air Control: The Technology Experts

As a leading producer of specialist installations, Air Control S.r.l. provides clients with every service needed to envision, design, and produce any system or installation.

Originally founded in 1960 as Crosta Giuseppe snc, which specialized in commercial refrigeration, the company was rebranded as Air Control S.r.l. in 1997 and expanded its offering of products for the air handling industry to operate throughout Italy and overseas.

Over the years Air Control S.r.l. has increasingly specialised in producing systems that require precision control of parameters, such as humidity, temperature, air speed, and rate of fluid flow, and equipping test laboratories.

With a keen awareness of the latest industry trends and new technologies, Air Control S.r.l. produces the most advanced state-of-the-art solutions to meet its clients’ exacting requirements with dependability and professionalism they can trust.

Air Control
Air Control