Offshore Containers

Heating and cooling systems for polymer processing plants. Installed in DNV containers for use on pipelaying vessels.

As the weather conditions where the container will be installed are unknown, an air-conditioning system is included.

The container comprises:

  • A supply line for the hydronic circuits in the heating and cooling system;
  • A cooling ring and accumulator tank (5°C, 20% glycol solution) supported by 4+1 chillers;
  • A condensation circuit for the chillers that operates with seawater;
  • An air-conditioning system for the container;
  • Cold circuits for the main IMPP machines;
  • Cold circuits for the auxiliary extruder systems;
  • Heating and temperature maintenance circuits with backflow prevention devices; each one is supported by two resistors with two-stage choke input.

This system is designed to operate offshore so each circuit has a parallel system of two circulator pumps (which can be selected if there is a technical failure or the maximum operating time is exceeded); likewise, a spare chiller (which is normally off) is added to the cooling ring.

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